Rake invests widely across asset classes with a global focus. We aim to add value through active portfolio management and trading.

Professional mindset, international focus, responsibility and long investment horizon guide our investment activities.

Professional mindset

We invest with an analytical, institutional mindset. We gather information from diverse sources and are also open to innovation. The nature of our organization combined with strong investment knowledge brings flexibility to portfolio management. Wide range of experience from business and investment activities during the long history of the company provides a solid foundation for investing across asset classes.

Long investment horizon

As a company with 150+ years of history, continuity and activity over generations is vital. Long investment horizon and a stable financial position allow us to invest in riskier asset classes and take a long-term view over short-term market movements.

International focus

Our investments have a global focus and we invest widely across both developed as well as emerging markets. We also aim to utilize international partners and networks as part of our investment activities.


Continuity requires responsible and ethical approach. We consider material ESG-issues as part of our investment process and make value-based decisions as part of our investment activities.

Investment activities are covered by

Joonas Huttunen
Chief Investment Officer